• Entries for “big design award 2021” will open in July. Please wait for the details.

  • “big design award 2020” will be canceled due to the spread of COVID-19


big-bold innovative grandprix-

“big” is an international competition and platform based in Asia that seeks to encourage the progress of fashion on a global scale by supporting fashion designers with fresh and innovative ideas.

To date, Europe stands as the epicentre of the fashion industry, while Asia still lags behind in terms of having in place the necessary support system for young designers. We strongly feel that establishing such an infrastructure in Asia that would contribute to the progress of fashion not only in Europe, but globally is necessary. With this conviction in mind, we have begun our current project.

We offer next-generation designers the means to start their own fashion businesses by providing them with funds; a supportive environment; and opportunities to create ties with professionals and businesses that have pushed the boundaries of the fashion industry. We eagerly anticipate the emergence of new possibilities in the world of fashion, including ideas on how designers can maintain their creativity and what the future landscape in terms of people and fashion may look like.

We support designers who have the potential to become active within the current world of fashion on a global scale, and those who have fresh and innovative ideas that can influence the current “system” that is in place.




The first “big design award” accepted applications from April 16 to June 15, 2019, and out of approximately 123 applications from 30 countries around the world, 14 teams were selected as finalists. The second round of judging was held at WORLD Kita-Aoyama Building on August 9 and 10, 2019.

The second judging session comprised of the showing of a 5 minute video, an exhibition rack of the collection, and a presentation. Judges Walter Van Beirendonck, fashion designer and President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Dirk Van Saene, Karchun Leung, Naomi Martin, Takashi Ikegami, Aya Takano, and Kazuma Ieiri decided one grand prix and three grand prizes.

Grand PrizePrize of 5,000,000 yen Robyn Lynch(Ireland)
Secondary PrizePrize of 1,000,000 yen Heaven Tanudiredja(Indonesia)
Tertiary PrizePrize of 500,000 yen Shuting Qiu(China)
Tertiary PrizePrize of 500,000 yen Stina Randestad(Sweden)
ARCHIVE 2019 画像1
ARCHIVE 2019 画像2
ARCHIVE 2019 画像3
ARCHIVE 2019 画像4

Additionally, 39 teams (40 designers) selected from the primary judging were given exclusive access to “big labo.”, which provides comprehensive support to the fashion business.

ARCHIVE 2019 画像5
  • Robyn Lynch(Ireland)
  • Heaven Tanudiredja(Indonesia)
  • Shuting Qiu(China)
  • Stina Randestad(Sweden)
  • Fabian Kis-Juhasz(Hungary)
  • Shie Lyu(China)
  • Clémence Marie Gautier(Belgium)
  • Kim joo young(Korea)
  • Tíscar Espadas(Spain)
  • Sabine Skarule(Latvia)
  • Maryam Fahim(Germany)
  • Marguerite Barroux(France)
  • Yoshiki Hanzawa(Japan)
  • Tetsuya Doi(Japan)
  • Yota Anazawa(Japan)
  • Annemarie Saric(Austria)
  • Louis Appelmans(Belgium)
  • Angelika Öllinger(Austria)
  • Kenta Nishimura(Japan)
  • Seiran Tsuno(Japan)
  • Huang Mengwei(China)
  • M THING(Japan)
  • Keisuke Kanai(Japan)
  • Koichi Sato(Japan)
  • Kangmin Kim(Korea)
  • Ryota Murakami(Japan)
  • Shiori Mizuochi(Japan)
  • Hiroki Okamoto (Japan)
  • Gyeongjin Ryu(Korea)
  • Dita Enikova(Latvia)
  • Britt Liberg(Dutch)
  • Kevin Pleiter(Dutch)
  • Olga Vasyukova(Russia)
  • Chih Chi Wang(Taiwan)
  • Ray Chen(Taiwan)
  • Sydney Pimbley(UK)
  • Skye Gwillim(UK)
  • Hikaru Kodama(Japan)
  • Natsumi Osawa(Japan)
  • Erika Mish(USA)
Photo Credit: yuichi ihara ©2020